I am a talented 3D graphics artist with several years of experience creating training simulators and motion graphics amongst others. I have worked with 3D simulators, primarily for the aero industry. I was part of a team that developed training simulators for air plane mechanics. 

I am highly motivated, professional, efficient, creative, and technical. I find it to be a great advantage to know both the technical aspects and the creative aspects. This makes me highly competent to work across different competences.


·        Organic and non-organic modeling

·        Environment modeling

·        High- and low poly modeling

·        Character animation

·        Classical animation principles and understanding of human anatomy

·        Programming (C++, Java and some ASP/PHP scripting)

·        Web design

·        User Interface Design

·        Graphics design

·        HCI


·        3ds max (my specialist program)

·        Maya, Blender and Lightwave (modeling)

·        XSI (texturing)

·        Adobe package (incl. Premiere and After Effects)

·        Combustion

·        Fusion

·        3D Equalizer

·        Deep Exploration

·        MS Office

·        Turntool

·        Joomla! 1.5

·        Quest3D

·        Torque game engine